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An Overview of Food Delivery Apps and Their Importance in 2020


In the 2000s, consumers were affectionate of hitting the eateries and having food over there with their family members. We anticipated a change. People then started ordering food on calls. They directly contacted the food outlets and started ordering their food. The restaurants were gracefully sending the food and delivery was provided free at times. This we are saying when there were no food delivery apps. (Say in 2010)

The change is consistent and change happens for the betterment of mankind. In 2015, if we are not missed out in our study, we started seeing food delivery apps covering the major market. More and more restaurants were tying up with these food delivery apps. Some of the examples are Swiggy, Zomato, Uber Eats, etc.

We need to understand being a restaurant owner that these changes that are happening are for the betterment of our work and for the efficient customer experience. Few things that we need to keep in mind when we are addressing any food delivery partner or when you are planning to develop your mobile app.

Things we need to reverify, recheck, and understand while building any Food app!

  • As per one of the analyses done in the USA last year, the total global revenue of the online food delivery system was accounted to be $ 95 Million.
  • The average growth rate of a restaurant to the consumer is 9% (restaurant app) and the average growth rate of the online food delivery system to the consumer is 11%.
  • The largest market segment is moving towards online food delivery systems.

Knowing this growth we have seen, it is necessary for all the restaurant owners and others to understand the business models of this food delivery system.

Business Portraits of the Online Food Delivery apps

There are two business portraits on which these food delivery apps are based on. One is restaurants to consumers (restaurant app) and the other is platforms to consumers. Whichever business portrait you select, you need to accept the fact that more and more consumers are moving on the online platforms for ordering their food. The main reason behind their movement is that the consumers are not at all in the mood of discussing anything with the restaurant. They just want to relax, open the app, select the restaurant they want to order from, select the food item they want to eat, order the food online, either pay online or select cash on delivery and wait for the food to be delivered. This perfectly gives you an understanding of why a food delivery app makes some sense in the present scenario.

Important things you need to keep in mind while planning for a food delivery app!

Being a restaurant owner or an investor, there are few features that you need to have in your food delivery app. This will improve the customer experience as well as keep you alive in online business for a longer period of time.

  • Easy usage of the app

The first impression is the last impression! Users first logs-in onto the login page of your app. So starting from the time the user logs-in till the time the food is ordered, a user should get the best user experience as well ease in ordering the food to keep him/her on the app for a longer period of the time. You need to be very critical with respect to the design and development of the app.

  • Payment Security

Online security is a big concern for any online business. Users are also skeptical about paying online for the food they have ordered. In order to keep users on your app for a longer time, you need to provide the best payment security model which will keep them safe and happy with your delivery system. 

  • Track orders

Online food delivery app is not just meant for ordering the food, but also to provide facilities like tracking the order online. Once a user orders food online, he/she should get the facility of tracking the live status of the order they have made on the app. Whether food is being prepared, or delivery partner has picked, or the food is on the way, every single status carries its own importance.

If you as an owner/investor are successful in implementing at least the above 3 mentioned features on your app, you will survive for a longer time in the online business. Yes, you may also have to keep one thing in mind that you need to keep on adding/shuffling/revamping/updating your app at regular intervals. You can add some more features like giving rewards to your users in the form of discounts, push notifications, multiple ordering formats, etc. which may add to their customer experience. 

As your well-wishers, we may love to give you all the guidance we can relate to the online food delivery systems!