An Immersive Mamma Mia Experience Is Coming To London

ABBA fans, hold onto your hats because an immersive Mamma Mia experience is coming to the 02 arena in London! While we all eagerly awaited the sequel of the musical smash hit, after watching the second part of Mamma Mia, I think we all can admit that we would kill to be a part of the experience, and now we can!

We honestly can’t think of anything better than being a part of a totally ABBA themed party/restaurant/experience and it looks like it’s going to exceed our expectations. You’ll actually feel like you’re in the movie with some serious Greek vibes and ABBA tunes and theater with your meal!

On the food front you can feast on a classic mezze like tzatziki, hummus, olives and a buffet that features Greek salad, Fish stew, pork skewers, flank steak with artichokes, feta and red wine sauce, and yogurt pannacotta with a pistachio crunch, hazelnut and almond crumble.

After dinner the whole space is transformed into a glitzy disco where you get to unleash your inner Dancing Queen. You can sign up here for priority tickets which will officially go on sale this fall! So, get planning because you definitely don’t want to miss out on having the time of your life!



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