An Extravagant Carnival Affair At Mighty Small In Bengaluru

Carnivals take us back to our childhood where pops and trinkets were the norm and life was as illuminating as those spectacular firework shows. The true essence of a carnival is to bring joy to people of all ages and that is captured quite intricately at India’s first carnival themed restaurant, Mighty Small, in Bengaluru. Mighty Small is situated in midst of frolicking fun of gaming and other fun activities at Smaash and the restaurant gives a much needed respite for parents who wish to take a break from running after their young ones. Mighty Small is the perfect hangout spot for kids of all ages and the restaurant offers several varieties of food and drinks which appeals to those aforementioned kids. 

A Visual Story

Mighty Small’s ambiance and decor brings out the best of the joyous carnival atmosphere and we were invited for a special peak into the wondrous and enchanting world filled with canopies and carousels. Mighty Small’s concept was developed by Shripal Morakhia, Chief Imagination Officer of Smaash in association with Anup Gandhi, Sahil Timbadia and Nevil Timbadia, well-renowned restaurateurs in Mumbai. The eye-catching decor was developed by Shabnam Gupta from The Orange Lane and it holds your attention right as you step inside the restaurant. From quirky paintings to fun wall hangings, a visual story is told on the walls of Mighty Small. 

Food For The Ages

The restaurant serves up a plate of decor with a topping of some mouth-watering food and delicious drinks served for both kids and adults. The name gave us a hint at what’s in store for us with several incarnations of food and drinks appealing to the kids and the kid at heart. We had a taste of some of those mouth watering food, presented, as you may have guessed it, in a quirky and offbeat manner. We started our journey with the peculiarly named koliwada popcorn mushroom and the flavours and spices used complimented the dish to the core. We took a detour from the land of the veggies for a taste of Kheema Gotala Fondue which is your traditional minced meat dish topped with a not-so-traditional fried egg.



Drink It Up

While the delicious food left our plate quite easily, we wanted to give their drinks a chance to capture our eyes and the pomegrade caught it quite well with a lip-smacking combination of lemonade and pomegranates. The unusual combination worked quite well together and was the perfect elixir to the food served. Although still quite contented at this point, we decided to give one final dish a chance to tease our taste buds more and the recommended dish was the flame grilled chicken. Succulent chicken pieces marinated with the flavour of your choice (tandoori, creamy garlic pepper and chimichurri) and it was the perfect finisher to the ultimate meal.


Sweet Surprise

Mighty Small’s ‘Big Fat Treat’ dessert bar should have been the next destination for us but, alas, we succumbed to the portion sizes of each dish. The dessert bar was decorated with several varieties of sumptuous sweet things – cookies to layered cakes to the amazing churros. If you are intent on trying some of these desserts, we advice you to go easy on the food because you are in for a decadent treat. 


Mighty Small gave us an opportunity to channel our little child with off-beat decor, delicious food and varieties of cocktails and drinks and we left the restaurant as satisfied as we used to be on a Christmas morning. Catch a glimpse of what it feels like to be a kid again when you visit Mighty Small. The restaurant is located inside 1 MG-Lido Mall in Bengaluru and is open from 12:30pm to 1am on weekdays and 11am to 1am on weekends. If you see us hogging on the food here, come and give us a shout. After all, Mighty Small is meant to be enjoyed with a crowd.