After Delhi, and Gurgaon, Duty-Free Is All Set to Take Over Noida

A brand all set to stand synonymous with extravagance, after taking over Delhi & Gurgaon, Duty-Free has now launched its third outlet in Noida that will leave you stunned. A massive 15, 000 sq. ft. property with a 10,000 sq. ft. courtyard, Duty-Free places great emphasis on the idea of a tropical vibe and aesthetically pleasing decor, Duty-free reinvents the original idea while still sticking to its roots. The interiors are classic yet speak of fun, a menu consisting of your all-time favorite comfort food and an exquisite bar with tantalizing cocktails from Classic specials to Millennial twists assuring an unparalleled experience.

The menu at Duty Free aims at pleasing all taste palettes, making sure the dishes aren’t complicated while also adding its own spark with experimental and unique presentation. Menu can keep you company all day long with fries to platters to desserts. With dishes such as keema pav, pappad platter & Biryani to Italian delicacies such as a wide variety of pizzas & pastas, no cuisine is left unexplored, one will also find asian delectables on the menu along with wholesome meal bowls.

Conceptual planning comes naturally to the brand with their first campaign for Delhi, “No Duty” where the idea behind the brand name was revealed with liquor at Duty-Free prices, the second campaign at Gurgaon targets corporates which was named “Off Duty” providing a place of comfort after long working hours. Their upcoming outlet has been launched under the campaign name “Screw Duty” creating a soothing environment that compels one to unwind and alienate themselves from their mundane routine.

The brand name “Duty-Free” plans to follow a road map wherein it stands as the destination for all – from bar hoppers, to hopeless romantics and subtle outgoers with three separate properties. They’re coming up with an outlet in Dwarka, Vegas Mall soon and also plan on taking the concept to different cities in the coming months.

Founder of Duty-Free bar & restaurateur, Mr. Varun Puri is dedicated to the idea of unconventional yet comforting spaces that can be a part of every story associated with having a good time.