An Exciting Ice Cream Experience Awaits You At Koldplay Cremerie In Mumbai!

Ten to fifteen years ago, getting an ice cream involved going to the nearest cart, handing over Rs.10 and walking away with a vanilla or chocolate cone or ice lolly. While those carts are still wandering the city streets today, getting an ice cream can also be an enveloping experience where you watch your server chop up and blend ice creams to create a (literally) cool work of art. The latest destination which highlights such an experience is Koldplay Cremerie, in Mumbai.


Kolplay Cremerie is an ice cream brand under the Valentine Group of Companies, which has been involved in the food industry for over 20 years. Koldplay has been supplying a variety of events and hotels across the city with their indulgent ice creams, and has recently opened parlours in the Western suburbs of Mumbai in Kandivali East, West and Borivali.

We stepped in to the Kandivali East outlet and immediately began demanding samples of the ice cream spread; the Sitaphal (custard apple) tastes wonderfully like a creamed, cooled version of the sitaphal fruit, as did the rich Alphonso Mango ice cream, which will hit you with the authentic flavour of Alphonso mangoes. Meanwhile, a chocolate lover should try the White Chocolate ice cream, which is a smooth, tongue tingling treat or the Belgian Dark Chocolate which was as rich and indulgent as any Belgian Dark Chocolate dish should be.

The Chocolate Odyssey

Inspired by the dark chocolate we decided to ask for the Ode to Ferrero ‘Thickshake’; a chocolate medley of the nutty Hazelnut Madagascar ice cream, a few scoops of Nutella, and a dose of crushed Ferrero Rocher chocolates. We have a growing list of must try chocolate desserts in Mumbai and this shake is the latest addition to – everything in it screams of a chocolate indulgence.


The Ice Cream Experience

While our server made our Thickshake he told us all about the concept of ‘No Air’ that Kodlplay’s ice creams are made using. While traditionally air is used during the process of making ice creams, Koldplay chooses not to add air to their concoctions, making the ice creams purer in flavour. To test that theory, we asked for a scoop of the tempting looking Very Berry ice cream – after all, it’s strawberry season!

The server gently suggested that he mix the Very Berry ice cream with a scoop of the Sitaphal. We agreed, and that’s when the ice cream experience truly started.

First, the server placed a scoop of each ice cream onto a metal counter. Then, using large spade like spoons he proceeded to rapidly chop up the ice cream and muddle the two flavours together with culinary technique that was akin to watching a master chef julienne vegetables.


After he skilfully blended the two ice creams together, he moulded them back into a scoop and placed the ice cream mixture into a cone lined cup. After topping the cup with a sprinkling of Magic Pops, he handed it to us with a flourish.


We enjoyed the tasting just as much as we enjoyed watching the ice cream creation being made; the tangy berry flavours worked perfectly well with the creamy, faintly sweet Sitaphal and the magic pops danced and popped in our mouths across in tiny explosions that both shocked and delighted us.

While we loved the combination of flavours in the ice cream we had, we understand that berries and Sitaphal may not be everyone’s piece of cake (p.s Kolplay Cremerie also has some amazing ice cream cakes).


If that’s the case, have no fear; the parlour offers customers the chance to build their own ice cream experiments with toppings that include nuts, a range of chocolates, sprinkles, syrups and whipped cream. So, head over to the Kolplay Cremerie parlour and get down to some serious ice cream experiments. If you’re a townie who doesn’t see a visit to the suburbs in the near future, then don’t worry; Koldplay Cremerie plans to launch 100 outlets across the city over the next year. Too lazy to step out of the house? The parlour has an answer to that too – they deliver! So, which flavour combination will you be trying first?

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