An Evening Of Experimentation, Re-invention, and Innovation With Glenfiddich

Glenfiddich, the world’s most awarded single-malt whisky continues to push boundaries of experimentation with the never seen before single-malt curation- ‘Glenfiddich Experiments’. The ground-breaking initiative is a result of collaboration between Glenfiddich and Malabar Secrets, a niche, state-of-the-art natural spice flora extracts brand. Glenfiddich has reinvented the norm and redefined the single malt serve in India with Glenfiddich Experiments.

Building on its experimentative spirit, Glenfiddich collaborated with Chef Neherulal Sahoo of The Ritz-Carlton, Bangalore to showcase a new avatar of the initiative. Chef Sahoo brings a sense of originality and creativity in his style of cooking; taking inspiration from the Glenfiddich Experiments, he curated an exclusive culinary experience for the evening in tandem with the ingredients that went into the making of 3 elixirs: Sweet Obsession, Dufftown Confluence and Bittersweet Symphony. The menu for the evening was an interesting spread of delicacies from northwest India offered in a contemporary setting, comprising of succulent kebabs, Indian breads and handmade desserts.

An Evening Of Experimentation, Re-invention, and Innovation With Glenfiddich

Carefully curated by the Glenfiddich India Brand Ambassador, Angad Singh Gandhi, the highlight of these serves are the specially designed elixirs that uplift the sublime Glenfiddich 12-year old to even greater heights. The three elixirs have been formulated by bringing together fine ingredients such as the fragrant Mysore jasmine, spicy Malabar clove, Kerala black pepper, cinnamon from the Western Ghats, bitter orange from Nagpur, the Kashmir peach, spiced coriander from Karnataka and other unique handpicked spices to create the perfect background for aromatic elevation.

Payal Nijhawan, Head of Marketing, William Grant & Sons India said, “Glenfiddich as a brand believes in breaking whisky rules and challenging traditions, we believe in the philosophy of what can’t be done, must be done at the Glenfiddich distillery. Our collaboration with Malabar Spice to launch ‘Glenfiddich Experiments’ is in sync with our history of seeking the extraordinary and continue to bring out revolutionary offerings.”

Angad Singh Gandhi, Brand Ambassador, Glenfiddich India said, “India is a market that likes to savour the flavours of their single-malts. We wanted to offer consumers an experience that would further enhance their single-malt serve, thus the idea of ‘Glenfiddich Experiments’ was born. We’re extremely thrilled to present these first-of-its-kind serves and are confident that they will intrigue and appeal to the Indian consumer.”