Amy’s Kitchen Fast Food Sale Is Growing With A Possibility Of An Expansion


Amy’s is a popular name in the US supermarkets for its frozen products. But there is also an Amy’s Drive Thru at Northern California which is one of its kind and popular as ‘America’s first meat-free fast food restaurant’. They use only organic and vegetarian ingredients to make fast food and plan to expand this across the country according to the reports by Fast Company.

The sole restaurant of the company was opened back in 2015 in Rohnert Park in California but now they are planning to go big. The current goal is to open six more stores in Northern California itself and slowly become a countrywide chain.

Their menu includes burritos, pizza, mac and cheese, and veggie burgers with optional gluten-free buns. You can also find chili-cheese fries and milkshakes along with dairy-free versions and healthy food like quinoa salad and hummus. The ingredients are locally sourced, the drive-thru runs on solar power and the food packaging is recyclable.

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