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Amul Takes a Tea Time Jibe At Donald Trump’s Covfefe Tweet


Donald Trump created quite a stir when he, err, mis-tweeted something (we’re still not sure what he had wanted to type) and instead typed this: “Despite the constant negative press covfefe.” That’s all. No pretext, no subtext. Not even a clarification!

The world is still wondering what the POTUS meant or what the seven letters stand for. But did that stop us from trolling our way through the week at the President and his uncanny social media blunder’s expense? Not a bit! From comments to memes to song lyrics, covfefe was the talk of the town and managed to climb up Twitter’s trending chart within hours! Speakig of trending, how could Amul let go of this golden chance to roll out a hilarious new topical print?

The company joined the band of meme makers and posted their new topical ad on Twitter. The campaign read, “Have with Covfefe or Tvea?” playing on an obvious word pun. The punny ad further read, “spelled A-M-U-L”, because clearly Mr. President could do with a lesson in spellings and vocabulary, right? Take a look.

Amul Coop has been popular for rolling out such punny, genius, and even tongue-in-cheek illustrations. Check out some of our favourite Amul topical prints here.

Feature Image: Twitter | Amul

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