Amul Shows How Urban And Rural Mothers Are Connected With This Ad

FCB Ulka, a creative agency recently launched a new ad highlighting how mothers are connected through the Amul milk network.

Mothers for Mothers Network

The campaign has been launched as a part of Amul’s Mothers for Mothers’ network, which seeks to explore how mothers in both rural and urban areas are similar and rely on Amul’s milk.

The ad concludes with the line; “36 lakh farmer-mothers rise everyday to nourish the families of 200 lakh city-mothers.”

R.S. Sodhi, managing director, GCMMF, “In the lush, prosperous state of Gujarat, there is a movement, which the world has never seen. Over 36 lakh women farmers wake up before dawn just to supply the freshly milked milk to their village co-operative society, a quantum of approx. 200 lakh litres everyday. The goodness of this Amul Milk is enjoyed by over 200 lakh families across India. If we take a closer look, it is a network of rural mothers offering milk to urban mothers across India. And yet, the two are oblivious of each other. Two mothers living in two different worlds. The whole idea was to leverage this network and create a platform to bond the procurer mother and the provider mother. This is the Amul Mothers for Mothers network unlike anything else in the world.”