Amul Can Once Again Feature Ice Cream Ads With Certain Changes

Amul Can Once Again Feature Ice Cream Ads With Certain Changes

Amul ice cream advertisements have been on hold ever since Hindustan Unilever Ltd (HUL) took the company to court against certain content. The latter said that the comparison of frozen dessert made with vanaspati directly affects its products. According to a recent update by Live Mint, Amul can now feature its ads once again but without the content in question.

Amul Ice Cream Back On TVC

“The appellant (GCMMF) would be free to use the said TVCs after deleting the portion which has been found to be disparaging the product frozen dessert,” said a division bench of Bombay High Court comprising of Justices B.R. Gavai and Riyaz I. Chagla reports Live Mint. The ads shown by the brand encouraged consumers to pick ice cream rather than frozen desserts due to which HUL filed a lawsuit in the Bombay High Court. It said that its brand, Kwality Walls was one of the largest frozen dessert brand in the country which was affected by the ads. HUL also seeked damages for the same.

“India is not just one country, but a lesson in diversity. While urban India is now grappling with pollution and infrastructure issues, and hence failing healths, they are much more concerned about the food and ingredients that go into making it,” said Tina Jain Mehta, founder of Mumbai-based boutique branding agency Pineapple Consulting while speaking with Live Mint. “In sharp contrast, Bharat is in a state of euphoria as more brands/choices are available to them and they are in a mood to experiment.”

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