American Waffle House All Set To Lift Your Mood

Life is uncertain, Eat Dessert first. It is like a feel-good song and the best ones make you dance! It is not only a conclusion to the heavy meal, rather it often works as a very good stress buster. Stressed, which is spelt backwards as desserts!

Amazing American Waffle House

Swagata Debsharma, a MICA Alumni, has always felt a strong yearning for desserts. She wanted to explore the stress relief aspect of it. She was very much focused that her dessert café would be a perfect hang out zone to relax and repose. Initially, she decided to start with an ice cream parlour in 2014. But her association with Mr Shyamal Das, an IIM Alumni reshaped the dream in a new way. They decided to start with something innovative, which would add a different meaning to the consumer.

In 2016 they found Waffle in Mumbai. A waffle is a dish made from leavened batter or dough that is cooked between two plates that are patterned to give a characteristic size, shape, and surface impression. The origin of waffle goes back to 9th-10th Century Europe when waffles, made with just flour and water were treated as communion wafers. After which it has changed day by day, gradually emerging as one of the most stylish alternatives to traditional desserts. Swagata and Shyamal felt that waffle is going to set a new horizon in dessert world, hence decided to initiate the Entrepreneurial journey and founded ‘’American Waffle House’’.

The journey of ‘’American Waffle House’’ started from a 96 sq ft shop with two stool seating arrangement which now has four outlets in Kolkata.

Swagata and Shyamal were always focused on their aspiration. They wanted to represent their eatery as not only an ordinary waffle house but a place to spend one’s leisure time with the most non-generic, authentic form of waffles made with special care and warmth. They use ingredients as waffle toppings

Stress Buster

which are scientifically known as stress-busters. Their consumer-centric attitude enticed more and more people to drop in irrespective of their locations. They intentionally picked up locations for their outlets which are far from the hustle bustle of the busy city to offer their patrons a calm and quiet ambience for relaxing which was quite challenging from the business aspect. The interiors are designed similarly with scattered wooden seating areas with lots of empty spaces. Shyamal Das says, “People lack space in their lives today. The only intention behind empty spaces was to give the feel that they are not clustered among the mass.”


All outlets of American Waffle House are open till late night even 1 o’clock. Recently they opened in Lake Town. This is their 4th outlet since 25th December 2017. The other outlets are located at Lake Gardens, Bhawanipore and Deshapriya Park.

“Waffle has become very generic nowadays, but we would not let it be common like street food. We took care of Waffle in such a way that it would last longer than its potential product life. We always prefer to go through a continuous process of innovation. We are lucky that till today we have not lost our focuses and wish to explore more and more varieties and bring lots of new successes in the future.’’- says Shyamal summing up their dream project.