American Restaurant Brands Starbucks and McDonald’s Boycotted In Saudi Arabia Over Trump’s Jerusalem Decision

It’s fair to say that everything is, in fact, political. After President Trump’s controversial announcement to accept Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, social media groups in Saudi Arabia are fighting back. These groups are urging people to boycott American restaurant brands in an effort to hurt the US economically.

The hashtag #boycottAmericanrestaurants was trending on Twitter and encouraged people not to visit any American chains such as Starbucks, McDonald’s, Burger King and Pizza Hut.

According to a translation from The New Arab, one tweet read, “Participate in the boycott of American goods, you could have a direct effect on the American economy. The role of the people is greater [than that of governments].”

Twitter user @_insolite shared a link which seemed to prove that a boycott of American brands had made a dent in the past. More power to the people.