America Gets Its First Hello Kitty Cafe And Everyone Is Losing It

Move over cat cafes, the Hello Kitty cafe is making America lose their minds. We don’t really blame them, because look at all the adorable things you can eat and buy at the cafe!

So far, American Hello Kitty fans were silently jealous of Hong Kong and Singapore for their luxurious cafes, but now Irvine, California has their very own Hello Kitty cafe in all it’s adorable pink glory! It’s set up in a cute pink shipping container that folds out for seating space and access to the inside of the cafe.

It’s already so popular that there are tons of Instagram pictures making the rounds. Like with anything absolutely adorable, Instagram is obviously exploding with all the pink. With glimpses of the food and drinks that they serve, this place looks like heaven for just about any Hello Kitty fan. The menu offers everything from artisanal sodas and bow-clad baked goods to mouthwatering lattes topped with feline foam art and Hello Kitty inspired petit fours! Talk about made for Instagram food.

And if you don’t believe us, take a look at the cute!

This pink shipping container is decked out with all kinds of great things once it’s opened up. Including an outdoor patio for you to sit at while you enjoy your Hello Kitty inspired foods!

And if you can, say hello to this enthusiastic group that will be serving you and taking care of you.

Of course people are going crazy with the food and the drinks t00!