Ambdavadi Restraunt

Amdavadi Restraunt

Ambdavadi is located in T. Nagar, on North Boags road. It has ambience that might appeal to most people but not to me personally. The food was outstanding,
except maybe for the salads, which were a little bit on the sweet side. I esspecially liked the methi gotha and thepalas. Probably the best part of the
restraunt were the sauces, which were flavorful but not perfumy. The service was prompt.

Anyway, more on the menu. There was not much variety, but what there was was almost always good. There were chicpea rolls and fenugreek pancakes. There were
spinach rolls and lentil squares. And, of course, there were samosas. There were also sweets, called ‘mithai’ like halva made of lentils, sweetened yogurt
and the best of all…….. jalebis.

Ambdavadi is an amazing restraunt, but it would be even better if the menu was more diverse. Great job Ambdavadi, keep it up.
Thanks for reading.