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Amazon’s Grocery Delivery Service “Amazon Pantry” Kicks Off In India


Last year, Amazon India launched Amazon Kirana Now in Bengaluru, joining the world of grocery deliveries in the city. This then became Amazon Now, which functioned like a hyper-local delivery service for residents of the city.

In the US, Amazon Prime Pantry allows users to shop for groceries and other household products on a need basis. The whole concept of Amazon Prime is to deliver your products instantly, instead of having to wait days before the package arrives. So when applying this to the Pantry part of the brand, people could order vegetables or shampoo or soap and have it delivered to your home at a nominal fee.

Amazon Pantry is the company’s initiative to delivery individual products quickly, instead of through bulk deliveries. According to a report in the Economic Times, this new service from Amazon will go up against Big Bazaar and Spencer’s in India where customers can fill a box of up to 15kg and have them delivered to their doorstep for only Rs. 20 the next day.

So far, the pilot of this new initiative has only been launched in Hyderabad and depending on the success in the assigned areas, it will expand through the rest of the city and then into the rest of the country.