Amazon Just Introduced A Smart Grocery Store Without Checkouts Or Cashiers, Read On For More

Since the day it was launched, Amazon has found ways to make the lives of their shoppers and customers as easy as possible. Whether it’s with Amazon Prime or just regular shopping experiences, it’s been quite the treat using Amazon. And now, they’re introducing something even better.

Amazon Go is the latest innovation from Amazon, which allows customers to avoid checkout queues and lines and anything else that hinders your shopping experience. Basically put, you can just walk in, buy what you want and walk out and never have to worry about standing in long lines and waiting for hours to get all your products checked out.

Amazon has created a small grocery store in Seattle that allows customers to walk in, pick drinks and food off the shelves and just walk out without waiting to pay for them. This works with the help of the Amazon Go app, which you use to check into the store and every time you buy something, it gets added to your virtual cart. And once you’re done, you can just walk out with your purchases and pay for your stuff via the app.


According to a New York Times article, right now only Amazon employees can shop in the Seattle store, but they plan to open the store to the public early next year. And, if that’s not enough, they will also offer chef-made meal kits with ingredients that can be put together at home.

So far, Amazon has opened physical bookstores in some parts of America and next they’re planning to open a grocery store concept that would allow customers to buy their food online and pick them up at a store by pulling into the stall.

Whether or not the Amazon Go concept will spread to other parts of America and the world is still up for debate, but if it does, it’s definitely going to make lives easier.

Watch their commercial to get a better understanding of how this new feature works!