Amadora Icecream

Amadora icecream is located near Wallace Gardens, in an area with many ice-cream shops. But it is by far the best of all of them. When you enter, you are
greeted by excellent ambience, and funny sentences on the wall, such as “Ice-cream is excuisite. What a pity it isn’t illegal.” The best part is probably the
ice-cream itself, with many flavors on offer, which are changed weekly to allow for variety. These flavors include the usual, like strawberry and chocolate,
and some flavors that are quite un-usual, like madras filter coffee and orange-chocolate. The service is excellent, and the restraunt is unique,
as it teams up with local producers and suppliers. The ice-cream itself is very good, being neither to sweet, perfumy, bitter or icy.

Although hard to get to, Amadora makes for an excellent afternoon, being near Tuscana. You can have pizza at Tuscana, and than walk down to Amadora for

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