This Is How Alton Brown Shut Down Gordon Ramsay’s Pineapple Pizza Comment

A few days back, while hosting The Nightly Show, chef Gordon Ramsay obliged his in-studio audience as he ordered pizza for all of them, which he did while the cameras were rolling. And at that precise moment someone triggered the foul-mouthed chef by suggesting ordering a pineapple pizza. Clearly a man with zero tolerance for the fruit topped pizza, Ramsay shouted back saying, “You don’t put f*ckin’ pineapple on pizza.”

And with that ended the pineapple pizza, sometimes called Hawaiian pizza, debate for all Ramsay fans while fans of both the pizza and Ramsay found themselves stranded on an ugly crossroad. Not for long though, as Alton Brown may just have fished them out of their dilemma as the Iron Chef Gauntlet host weighed in on the long-standing pizza debate.

Responding to a tweet by People Food, Brown said, “If I want pineapple on my pizza, I’ll by God have it.” Further maintaining his stand on this sensitive culinary issue, the Good Eats host told People in an interview “I don’t want people saying what should or should not be on a pizza,” says Brown. “You put anything on a pizza you damn well feel like.”

Apparently, Brown’s assertion was mainly driven by Iceland president Gudni Thorlacius Johannesson’s suggestion to ban topping pizzas with pineapple (which he later clarified).

The Iron Chef added that while held no grudged against Ramsay, he’s just a bit more open-minded. Meanwhile, talking about his personal pizza choices, Brown said, “I happen to be a classicist when it comes to pizza. I like very little stuff. I want some salty meat product, and a bunch of cheese, and maybe one green thing to throw in a little flavor twist like arugula or something,” he says. “But if somebody wants pineapple on their pizza, I don’t think anybody gets to be a Pizza Nazi. You can have whatever you want on it.”

Basically, live and let live. Or don’t eat and let eat.