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Alternating Layers of Scrumptiousness, the Bliss That is Parfait


It all starts with a layer of delicious cream, then a layer of crunchy granola or biscuit crumbs, a layer of fruit and then we come all the way back to the cream, granola and fruit. The layers, depending on how tall your glass, give you a mini parfait or a large parfait. You can dress your parfait with fruit sauce and a wafer or use ice cream instead of whipped cream in one layer. If you want to go towards the healthy side use yogurt. So many ways to go about it but the result will always be the same – DELICIOUS PARFAIT. Once you know how to make a basic parfait, you can unleash the closet pastry chef to the world and add your own little flavours and designs. That’s the beauty of a parfait, there is always room for perfection.