Almost 80 Percent Of Milk In Maharashtra Is Substandard Says CGSI

Almost 80 Percent Of Milk In Maharashtra Is Substandard Says CGSI

A consumer sector NGO, Consumer Guidance Society of India (CGSI) conducted an analysis on both branded and non-branded milk samples. According to the report by The Hindu, the NGO found that 78.12 percent of these samples failed to meet the required standards.

Substandard Milk In Maharashtra

The CGSI said that the milk samples collected by them were of substandard quality and did not rise up to the specifications laid down by the Food Standard and Safety Authority of India (FSSAI). The NGO has tested 690 branded milk samples and 462 unbranded ones. These samples were collected from across Maharashtra between the months of January to October. 151 samples or 21.88 percent of milk tested was found of the right standard.

“We have tested the samples for the presence of the required contents. We have not carried out chemical testing to detect the adulterants,” said Dr. Sitaram Dixit, chairman of CGSI to The Hindu. He also added that the milk wasn’t of standard quality and was also diluted. “The required content of milk fat and milk solids not fat [SNF] was below the requirements set by the FSSAI. All the samples we tested had much lower content of milk fat and SNF, suggesting severe dilution.”


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