Almost 5000 Kilograms Of Adulterated Soan Papdi Seized By FDA

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of Maharashtra has seized 4,873 kilograms of adulterated soan papdi in Nagpur. The sweet collected from Pachpaoli was worth Rs.3.16 lakh and was seized after conducting raid on the factory of Ganga Sweets. The FDA found that the owner Raju Shivaji Bhunje was using misbranded ingredients to make the soan papdi.

Adulterated Soan Papdi

The raid was conducted under the supervision of Shashikant Kekare, Joint Commissioner (Food), FDA, Nagpur, Maharashtra, and Milind Deshpande, Assistant Commissioner (Food), FDA, Nagpur, Maharashtra. “The labels of soan papdi mentioned pista as an ingredient but in its place green coloured peanuts were being used in the sweet. Spurious pistachios can be extremely harmful to health,” said an FDA official stated.

Almost 5000 Kilograms Of Adulterated Soan Papdi Seized By FDA

“All the three samples of soan papdi, coloured groundnut flakes and colour were sent to the Regional Public Health laboratory, Nagpur, for analysis and after one month, in result, we found that samples were misbranded,” said Milind Deshpande. “On the basis of analysis reports of samples, adjudication applications are being filed against the owner of the factory and appropriate penalty will be imposed, because all these samples are declared as misbranded,” he added.

In article Image: NDTV Food