Almost 1000 Subway Outlets In The US Have Shut Down This Year

2017 hasn’t been a great year for Subway as the sandwich chain lost 3 percent of its business during the course of the year reports Business Insider. Subway has been facing flak from many of its franchisees regarding the $5 sandwich comeback next year and now the report is that the number of outlets has dropped from 26,744 to 25,835. The chain has lost 909 outlets in the US.

Rapid Shutting Of Subway Outlets

The report further says that Subway still hasn’t been able to recover from previous setbacks like the fallout that involved the poster boy Jared Fogle and increase in competition like Jimmy John’s and Jersey Mikes. Another report earlier this year said that Subway had the least loyalty of customers in the year 2017.

But the worst case scenario for Subway was that of a huge controversy related to the chicken that the chain was using. A report from CBC had claimed that the chicken strips based on their DNA were only 50 percent poultry. While the chain has revoked that claim many a times, but it couldn’t recover from the loss of customers.