Almond Butter or Peanut Butter – What’s Better?


If you are a huge fan of nut butters you might have wondered: which nut butter is healthier? While the price of almond butter is higher than peanut butter, does that mean it’s healthier? Let’s check it out:


PEANUT BUTTER: Both nut butters are very similar in nutrition but peanut butter does have a slight lead over almond butter in terms of protein content! There are 4g of protein in a tbsp of peanut butter and 3g in almond butter.

ALMOND BUTTER: When it comes to vitamins & minerals, almond butter contains nearly three times as much vitamin E, twice as much iron, and 7x more calcium. This isn’t to say that Peanut butter is necessarily lacking in vitamins & minerals but it simply just doesn’t have as much as almond butter. Almond butter is higher in fiber which helps us feel full faster and aids in digestion. It also has a slightly higher amount of unsaturated fats, which can be considered beneficial for us.


Both nut butters are about the same in terms of calories. Roughly one tbsp of all natural peanut or almond butter contains just under 100 cal, so if your main concern is calories, there’s really not much difference.

Overall, both nut butters have their own advantages. They are quick and easy ways to get your healthy fats in. If you’re not sure, you can alternate between the two! Just remember to choose a nut butter that doesn’t have any added sugar, partially hydrogenated oils or trans fats, or artificial ingredients. The label should have be simple with just one ingredient: “peanuts” or “almonds”. Now they are super easy to over-indulge so be careful with how much you are spreading on your toast or eating out of the jar.

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