All You Need To Know About Chewing Gum and the Wrigley’s Commercial


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Well, gums have now come to be commemorated rather than frowned upon less, than when they started off, associated with a very casual-hippy behaviour. That has been since the early seventies nuisance and when the gum menace got to the gall of Singapore, it came to be banned and with Dennis sticking it into Margret’s hair and Joey mournfully watching, things have come a long way. Chewing gums have come to be recognized as useful commodities and that they share a global market for it.  

Chewing gum has now come to be thought of as a medium of toning the facial muscles and also advised sometimes by doctors, as claimed to contain dental plaque, a growth that occurs upward from the bed of the gums against the teeth. Well, a good chew of gum against the gums in the mouth, help retard the formation of dental plaque.

Chewing gum has really been upgraded from junk to useful foods, to diet equipment too! Even the ENTs recommend the Spearmint for nasal congestion and as a throat moisturiser. So there you see with this new commercial by Wrigley which is a very heart-warming advertisement that is as viral as can be. Wrigley is a segment of Mars Incorporated. ‘Principles in Action’ is their underscoring ring to their business ethics. Their main principles are Quality, Responsibility, Mutuality, Efficiency and Freedom all capitalized upon better performance and expanding their work and market across the globe. Mars Incorporation is a family owned business and just to echo their principles in the advertisement is the bird, and its supposed flight to freedom is endearing among the people one loves.

Mars Incorporation has involved itself with environ concerns and clubbed its efforts individually and collaboratively with other major food Industries, and had pledged its sincerity at a global consensus at the COP21 meet in this December. They have their offices situated in many parts of the globe. William Wrigley Jr. began offering two chewing gums free as an incentive to selling their baking powder, which his father’s company manufactured. Mars Incorporated operates from Chicago, Global Innovation Centre. Making Skittles, Orbit, Juicy fruit, Wrigley’s Spearmint and others. Extra is the chewing gum brand, the current video showcases the homily and sentiment in the use of chewing gum.           

The gum commercial also has a message within its advertisement, that the wrapper too can be put to good use too if not realistically, euphemistically! Let us applaud their endeavour, for gums stuck on the pavement and the wrappers strewn around are a blight on the environment around us. Here is a new thought with Mars Incorporation and that the paper bird will come to symbolize freedom as their principle is a pat on the back for this very innovative thread of showcasing the chewing gum.

Watch this Wrigley’s Commercial Below

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