All You Need To Know About Barbecue a ‘Masterclass’ by Weber Chef

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‘Barbecue Masterclass’

11 am.  Saturday 24th, October 2015 -31st October

Location: Weber Experience Centre

Address: Haudin Road, Ulsoor.

A Note on the Manufacturing of the Grill

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A bit of history always makes for a nice read and better pleasurable use of kitchen equipments. George Stephan Sr. was working in a company called ‘Webber Brothers Metal Works in Chicago, Illinois, in 1952. The company was manufacturing marine buoys. He came up with an idea to make a better grill than the wood ovens in those days. He took his idea from the spherical buoys. He cut one in halve, added air vents and turned it into a grill with a dome lid, to seal in the aroma of charcoal and to keep the moisture of the meat. He added legs to his invention and just like that born out of a backyard muse, is the Weber Grill!

Classes for Their Customers

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Weber organizes ‘Masterclass’, regularly to enhance the experience of barbecuing at home. They have a variety of barbecue ovens, charcoal, gas as well as a smoker. They organize classes so that they can teach their customers and potential customers the nuances of ‘Classic’ barbecuing and teach you on a variety of other uses for it. With this ‘Masterclass’, a grill on the cards, is definitely there, because all you needed to know about grilling is taught to you.

All you Need to Know

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Here at Weber, the Chef teaches you various techniques of grilling and the dos and don’ts of not burning the burger and stakes. Indian grilled dishes are also taught and this makes it very interesting to learn everything you need know about barbecues and grills. The course is conducted in a relaxed and fun atmosphere, and the nuances of vegetable chopping, sauces and marinades is taught.

Topics to be Covered in the Class



Grill basics – which will be lighting the charcoal, maintaining the temperature of the grill and safety management techniques of using the grill.

Marinating – They will teach you on the various marinating techniques and flavouring of meats.

Grilling meats and vegetables – They will instruct you on the different techniques of grilling meats and vegetables, which require different temperatures.

Use of grill accessories – There are accessories required to make the grilling experience better, they will explain why those are helpful while grilling.

Baking on the grill – The other cooking art is baking with the grill.