All Heart For A Healthy Heart

My coffee-times (with heavily fried samosas/batata vadas) are not the same anymore…in fact my most looked-forward-to evening cuppa is in good company now with All Heart’s Super Seeded Crackers!

As a weight conscious individual, my evening coffee-time cravings put me on the search for something tasty and crunchy without frying. And that’s when I discovered those packets of All Heart crackers with nutritious toppings as a healthy snacking option. For instance, the crackers have the goodness of oats, flax, sunflower, chia and pumpkin seeds with the bonus of berry, dark chocolate, white chocolate, or peri peri and garlic on each variety. One can enjoy tea-times thoroughly without guilt pangs or fear of extending girths.

Handmade Crackers


Moms can now rest easy as these crackers also come in handy as sprinkles on smoothies and cereals. Kids will love it for the rainbow dust, chocolaty toppings and loads of scrumptious bites. The striking features of these handmade crackers are they are real seeds with real flavours and seasonings, no preservatives and packed with protein and energy.
Aniket Karia’s All Heart really goes all out to win hearts with a healthy and tasty spin of seeded crackers!