ALEgorithm Is Just Like Netflix For Beer!

If you’re a beer lover then this is undoubtedly the best news you’re going to hear this week. World of Beer—a Tampa-based chain has recently added an ALEgorithm to its app—billed as kind of a Netflix recommendations or Pandora radio for beer.

World of Beer said it launched the beer-algorithm in hopes of not just helping out customers but also speeding up service. “Our staff is really good at guiding people through the menu and helping them find something that fits their tastes,” Hannah Davis, senior director of brand marketing, said according to Nation’s Restaurant News. “But in order to make that interaction go a little bit smoother, we came up with ALEgorithm.”

So, how does it work? Basically, you take a survey about tastes and beer preferences, then vote thumbs up or down on 50 random beers. From there, users are encouraged to rate new beers as they drink them which will further build the recommendation engine.

However, we know that the ALEgorithm can’t always be perfect (Netflix really throws out some doozies every now and then). Lucky for us, World of Beer has a pretty awesome try before you buy policy. Beer recommendations? It’s a yes from me!