Does Alcohol Make You Put On Weight? Think Again.

We all know the popular joke about a beer belly; drink too much beer and you’ll end up with a pot belly that sags happily over your waistline. However, according to some findings alcohol can also help you with your weight loss regime! Just because you’re on a diet doesn’t mean you have to cut out all alcohol. Here’s what you should be drinking: 


Light Beer 

Even though ‘beer belly’ is a scientifically (or socially) proven phenomena, you can get away with a couple of light beers. They have fewer carbs and calories – many light beers contain just 90 calories per 12 ounces according to Cederquist on Huffington Post. Beer Craft Mumbao



Comparatively speaking, both red and white wines carry less calories than other alcohols. However, you’d be better off opting for red wine; it has a healthy supply of antioxidants and contains allergic acids that slow down the development and growth of fat cells in the body. rsz_red_wine_on_summer_day_compressed


Neat Liquor 

Ever wonder how those stylish men you see on TV manage to drink so much and still stay skinny (think Don Draper and his Canadian Club)? Here’s the secret; they drink all their alcohol straight, or on the rocks. After all, Draper always has his Canadian Club straight, doesn’t he? Featured image alcohol 10


Most hard liquors have similar calorie counts. Opt for original alcohols (avoid flavoured or spiced), which are low on sugar and fat building enzymes. And, if you’re having your alcohol neat, there’s no added sugar from the soda or mixer that goes with it. 

And there you have it – it is possible to have your drinks and keep your figure too. Just don’t overindulge; just because there’s no added weight doesn’t mean that an overload of alcohol consumption can do you no harm.