Alcohol-Infused Marshmallows? Yes, Please!

Growing up, we watched a lot of American movies, a lot. Two things always stuck with us. First up, why kids didn’t have to wear uniforms to go to school? And second, what was hot chocolate with marshmallows like, heck, what were marshmallows like? We’ve finally gotten the marshmallows but we’re still missing out because The Naked Marshmallow Co. has debuted boozy marshmallows and we’ve got some serious FOMO!

The Naked Marshmallow Co. makes these alcoholic cubes of delight in three tasty flavors: Elderflower & London Gin, Espresso Martini, and Raspberry & Prosecco. Each of these genius food hybrids is made by hand using all-natural ingredients. However, you won’t be getting a buzz from these mallows as they contain less than three percent alcohol (who says you can’t put alcohol in your hot chocolate though).

They’ve released just in time for fall/winter/smores season but, unfortunately, we’ll probably have to travel all the way to the UK to experience these boozy bites. So, if you’ve got a great aunt, or a cousin thrice removed that is living in the UK and is planning on coming back for a visit, ask them to load up on these tasty goodies. And, of course, you’ll bring some back for us, right?