Alcohol Consumption In The Gullies Of Delhi Could Land You Behind Bars

Consuming alcohol in public is a sight thats not uncommon nowadays. Whether it’s sneaking alcohol into a park and having a few drinks with friends, or sipping on a drink in uncrowded, dimly lit streets. While it is frowned upon, so far there has been no strict measures taken to ensure this doesn’t happen. But the Delhi Governement plans to change that. 


Delhi-ites, be warned, as of 7th Novemeber, you can be arrested for consuming liquor in public. The announcement came days after Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia led a team of excise officials to conduct raids at four liquor stores in an east Delhi market. 



On Wednesday, Sisodia said that there will be a strict vigil on the liquor stores and the area surrounding them to discourage public consumption of liquor and public nuisance caused due to it.


To ensure the law is followed, the governmenrt has decided a three-fold approach.


Over the next one week, special teams will conduct inspection of all liquor stores in the city to ensure license terms are not violated. They plan to simultaneously run a public awareness campaign, making an appeal to the public not to consume liquor in public areas.

“If someone still consumes liquor in public areas after November 7, we will arrest them and appropriate action will be taken” Sisodia said.

The teams will also survey the area around the liquor stores to identify other businesses promoting public consumption of liquor, including those selling disposable glasses, snacks etc.

“Apart from the madatory CCTV cameras in liquor stores, the Government will also install CCTV cameras outside the liquor stores,” he said.