Alchemy Continues to Take its Culinary Experience on to a New High

Chancery Pavilion is all set to delight its patrons with an irresistible menu change at Alchemy; introducing refreshing flavors and tantalizing dishes that reflect global culinary trends with an Indian twist. Inspired by the fresh and local produce from various regions in India, globally acclaimed chef Hari Nayak has featured handpicked local ingredients in all its grandeur for the new menu. Showcasing over 20 unique dishes, chef Hari will present a unique mix of classic regional delicacies with a contemporary twist.

From Lamb Cafreal with Chutney Roti to Chettiar Chicken, Nuts Over Coconut to Textures of Coffee, the new menu is bursting with plenty choices for the gourmand. Alchemy’s most sought after dishes; Chicken sukka bulgogi, Konkan fish fillet and Gondhoraj lemon mousse can still be relished in the new menu. The highlight of the new menu is not only its innovative use of fresh ingredients, but also its cooking techniques. The new dishes are prepared by experienced chefs using modern and traditional techniques like flash freezing and slow cooking to enhance the flavors of the food. As a culinary veteran and travel enthusiast, Chef Hari has taken inspiration from his travel experiences across the country and has incorporated his favorite ingredients in this version of the menu.

Commenting about the launch, Chef Hari Nayak said, “The menu at Alchemy showcases an exceptional range of innovative, native delicacies in a contemporary way by dressing them in global culinary attire. While curating the cuisine, we aimed at transforming the ordinary to extraordinary. I have personally conducted an old fashioned research on the culinary options and handpicked a few preferred ingredients from various regions, like godhoraj lemons from Calcutta, and fermented red chilies from Korea. A few of the dishes are conceptualized based on my childhood memories as well. One should definitely try the drool-worthy dishes like lamb cafreal, chettiar chicken and nuts over coconut.”

Speaking on this occasion, Mr. Simarjeet Singh, General Manager, The Chancery Pavilion, Bengaluru, said, “We have received a tremendous response from our patrons for the culinary experience offered by Alchemy since its launch. This year, we have notched up the game by creating appealing food choices that are inspired from popular regional delicacies. We endeavor to build more excitement, making Alchemy one of the most sought after gastronomical destinations in the city. We are extremely keen and look forward to witness the responses from the food enthusiasts of the city about the new innovations at Alchemy.”