Aishwarya Restobar Manoeuvres Its Way Around Liquor Ban

It’s no secret that the recently imposed liquor ban for all outlets within a 500 meter radius of a highway has come as a massive blow to most. Many liquor store owners, hoteliers, and restaurateurs have tried to thwart this ruling by appealing or challenging the Supreme Court order. However, down in God’s own country, this audacious bar owner has a solution that will both shock and awe you. 

The owner of Aishwarya Restobar in Paravoor, Eranakulam, has built a maze, through which you need to navigate in order to reach your liquor. I know, scenes of The Shining are already haunting me, but it’s definitely hard to imagine snow in Kerala.

This ingenious solution was thought up by the owner who built a 300-250 meter maze in order to increase the distance from his bar to the highway. So, technically, Aishwarya Restobar isn’t actually situated within 500 meters of the highway anymore. And it wasn’t a cheap affair. The owner allegedly shelled out 2 lakhs in order to make his The Shining moment a reality. I jest, obviously, he didn’t want to shut down his bar.

Unfortunately, it still remains to be seen whether this will get the restaurant off the liquor ban on a technicality. I, on the other hand, do feel for the patrons of the bar. Navigating a maze is never easy, and doing so while drunk would definitely take a special man or woman.

Meanwhile, we definitely hold a grudging respect for the sheer genius of this bar owners plan, and we wish his patrons the best of luck while we await news of Aishwarya Restobar’s success or failure. I know, I sympathize (it’s hard enough as it is to get a drink in Kerala) and it definitely shouldn’t be that difficult to get a pint. Lord knows the summer heat is unforgiving!