Airtel launches Wynk, We dream of Drynk








#airtel proudly introduces India’s biggest music app – Wynk Music. It will redefine the music experience for all. Experience the app NOW & stream your favourite songs:

Posted by Airtel India on Tuesday, September 2, 2014




Oh look, another app!

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] hope there’s space in your Android and iOS phones, because Bharati Airtel’s latest music app, Wynk, is what everyone is downloading these days.

Wynk is a music wizard, through and through. It lets you stream and download songs from a music library that comprises of over 1.7 million songs and covers 8 different languages.

“We are introducing this segment to Wynk – an innovative platform that blends technology and music and present a whole new dimension to music uptake in the country,” Gopalan, Director

This got us thinking…What if?

‘Blending technology and music?’ We like the ring of that. And as a food magazine, that got us thinking, why not blend technology and drinks?

It can be called – ‘Drynk’.

Sounds original, doesn’t it? Except for the fact that it’s already an established app, but with little recognition.

The essential feature of this app is to help you find your next drink. The party life doesn’t end with taking photos of your friends and posting them on Instagram; you need to enjoy the spirit of the party with a proper alcoholic beverage.

Beer, Wine, Cocktail? Bottoms up!

Liquor connoisseurs, this is for you. This cool web app lets you keep tabs on what your friends are drinking. You can add drinks, share your experience, and even post your favourite ‘drynks’ on everyone’s favourite social media platform, Facebook.

And as the network widens, you get to distinguish your alcoholic beverage choice between various bars, clubs, and liquor stores.

‘OMG! I want something like this for my phone, now!’ random fan girl.

Now, Airtel, we’re asking you.

What if, you brought out your version of ‘Drynk’?