Jet Airways Denies Vegan Meal To Animal Activist

The food served on airlines has been in the media a great deal. It all kicked off with Air India announcing that they would no longer serve non-veg food, and various airlines following suit. However, airline food has again come under the radar again as an animal rights activist was denied a vegan meal on board a Jet Airways flight, and ended up traveling on empty stomach for over 10 hours.

Consequently, Siva has written to the Jet Airways management, questioning their decision to withdraw serving vegan food without any notice to its travel agents or customers.

Jet Airways Denies Vegan Meal To Animal Activist

“Being in a series of meetings on July 28, I could not eat anything post 2 pm till I reached the Delhi airport, and since my flight was at 7.45 pm I decided to eat onboard itself. However after the flight took off I was in for a surprise as I was told that there was no vegan meal but only vegetarian and non-vegetarian meal options available, and clearly the vegetarian meal was not suitable for vegans,” he said.

He further said that the travel agent he had booked with, ClearTrip, had confirmed that a vegan meal was available and that Jet Airways had issued no circular or intimation on this change in policy.

According to a source in the airline, the vegan meal option had been discontinued due to low demand based on periodic reviews and that channel partners had been informed. Looks like a case of passing the buck!