Air India To Reinvent Its Menu To Attract Passengers

Air India’s latest ploy to bring in more passengers to its international flights is by reinventing their menu for the business and first class segments. This change might have been pushed forwarded by the fact that Air India earns sixty-five percent of its total profit from their international services. The latest plan is aimed at bringing i more customers to its business class, and slowly expanding it to the economy class as well.

A variety of wine, mocktails and regional dishes are on the top of the list to bring in more passengers. To give the passengers the dishes that will remind them of their home. Other than this, AirIndia is planning to give its chefs who are stationed at various international stations, refresher training in order to bring back the Indianness that has been slowly disappearing from the food.

According to the airline’s spokesperson Dhananjay Kumar, this changed menu with new regional dishes, wines will be showcased during an exhibition being held in September. These changes will be implemented in the months of October, i.e, the winter schedule.