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After Turpentine, People Are Now Drinking Hydrogen Peroxide For “Health Benefits”


Welcome to 2018, where a reality tv show host is a president, one (or more) of the Avengers are dead, and people have to be told not to eat Tide Pods. While breakout star of Girls Night, Tiffany Haddish, rocks our world, earlier she made headlines by telling people that she drinks turpentine for the “health benefits”.

However, it looks like she’s not the only one who puts questionable substances (yes, I used that word intentionally) in her body. Some people on the internet are claiming that Hydrogen Peroxide (yes, the stuff you use to clean cuts) is a natural cure or remedy, one bold man even claims it cures cancer (ya’ll don’t believe in cannabis oil, but this you’ll believe).

Check out Poison Control where they’ve specifically spelled out that Hydrogen Peroxide is not to be taken internally and that those who had swallowed the substance accidentally suffered severe injury, and in some cases died.

California Poison Control has come out with a warning after receiving multiple calls on whether or not Hydrogen Peroxide is safe to drink. It’s astounding that with all the information available, a warning like this is still necessary, however, here it is. Stay safe out there, and don’t drink Hydrogen Peroxide!

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