Adidas Has Tied Up With Coca-Cola For Soda Inspired Sneakers

Just the other day we put out a list of food-themed sneakers and now Adidas has teamed up with Coca-Cola to revamp their 2002 special edition sneakers, Climacool 1. So if you’re not interested in the Nike Starbucks Coffee Dunks or the Nike Krispy Kreme Basketball Sneakers, then maybe this is the combination for you.

First introduced for the World Cup in 2002, these sneakers come in Coca-Cola red with the company’s classic logo on the heel and the iconic three stripes of the footwear brand on the sides. When it was first released, it was considered the “most sought-after shoes ever introduced” by Adidas according to Coca-Cola.

This time, they’re releasing the shoes in conjunction with the UEFA Euro 2016 tournament which starts next week. And you can also get the sneakers in silver Diet Coke and black Coke Zero versions.

cokezero silver