Stop Everything Because These Adidas Pizza Shoes Are Exactly What You Need!

We know that we were bowled over by the pizza dress that took the internet by a storm. However, these Adidas pizza shoes are one step up. According to Eater, The shoes are being sold as part of a special collaboration between Adidas and Refinery 29, where 11 female artists designed one-off footwear pairs representing all 50 states.

These custom made beauties were created as a tribute to the state of New Jersey. Currently listed at $528. All proceeds will be donated to So, if you love pizza and like running (or looking absolutely fabulous) then these are the kicks for you!

I promise you, there will never ever be another pair of shoes that will channel the inner you like these Adidas pizza shoes. Although they’re pretty pricey, they’re bound to be the talk of the town (and a not so free reminder that every time is pizza time). All you need to do is make a bid (and have the money to back it up) it’s for a good cause!