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We added a layer of Cheese to the Seven Wonders of the World


1. Taj Mahal

Tourism would increase dramatically. No doubt about it.

cheese taj mahal

2. Christ, the Redeemer

He’ll have no trouble gathering followers now.

christ the redeemer and cheese

3. The Great Wall of China

5164 steps of cheese, you say? Start climbing. Now.

Great wall of China

4. Roman Colosseum

The gladiators would have been too busy gulping down cheese to fight in any battle.

roman colesseum in  cheese

5. Petra Jordan

Petra Jordan manages to amaze the world with its elaborate stone-cut architecture-

Oh, look. It’s cheese!

 petra jordan i  cheese

6. Machu Picchu

Forget Everest. This is the mountain you want to conquer.

Machu Pichhu in Cheese

7. Chichen Itza

A temple of cheese? Your prayers are answered.

chichen itza in cheese