Adamo Balsamo from CinCin Declared The Winner Of Beluga Cocktail Masters India 2018

Sula Selections launched Beluga Cocktail Masters India 2018 in association with Beluga Noble Russian Vodka this in August. After an intense selection of ten finalists across India and a grand finale competition, CinCin’s Adamo Balsamo became the winner. The finalists had to make a unique Beluga cocktail during the finale and five best were selected. These mixologists then were thrown a challenge in which they were give a black box containing ingredients like Dry Vermouth, Balsamic Vinegar, Rosso Vermouth, Star Anise, Rosemary, Apricot Marmelade to make the winning cocktail.

Beluga Cocktail Masters India

“It had been six months in India and I wanted to make an impact,” said Adamo Balsamo speaking about the challenge and on winning the competition. “My friend from Yauatcha insisted that I participate in this competition, upon his advice I started preparing for the competition a month in advance. I was very happy to attend the master class where I received my first fish badge, that’s when my interest begin to develop more in the competition. When the black box arrived before me, I thought that was the end of the journey for me. Coconut milk was an ingredient that changed the game for me, I always wanted to make a drink with coconut milk. For my bar and for my team at CinCin, I am very happy! God bless everyone who wished me well. I never thought of winning this prestigious competition, for me participating was very important.”

Adamo Balsamo from CinCin Declared The Winner Of Beluga Cocktail Masters India 2018

The ten finalists of the Beluga Cocktail Masters India included Salwyn Fernandes from Harbour Bar (The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel), Wayne D’souza from Arth Restaurant & Lounge, Adamo Balsamo from Cin Cin, Meet Modi from The Bombay Canteen, Yatish Bangera from Foo, all from Mumbai. From Delhi, the finalists selected were Aman Khaitan from Blue Bar, Navjyot Singh from Novele, Sanjay Singh from Story Bar and Yogesh Sharma from The Lodhi. The tenth finalist hailed from Namma Bengaluru, Manoj Nanda Kumar from BYG Brewski Brewing Company.

“We are delighted to have hosted Beluga Masters India 2018,” said Ken Pritchard, Senior Vice President, Marketing and International Sales, Sula Vineyards. “The finale witnessed the crème de la crème of India’s mixologists who competed to win the title of “Beluga Cocktail Master India 2018! Beluga vodka represents the pinnacle of the vodka maker’s craft and our finale will showcase the pinnacle of Indian mixology – what a great partnership!  The 10 finalists had qualified against tremendous competition from around 200 mixologists who attended the Masterclasses in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. I’d like to congratulate *Adamo Bilsao *from CinCin for winning the competition. We were delighted to be back at Courtyard by Marriott and we are very grateful to them for hosting us. We look forward to hosting similar competitions and such experiences in the future.”