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Actress Simran is in a New Blockbuster that you can Eat


God Ka by Simran is now open. 

Actress Simran is a foodie. (swoon!) Well its hard to believe that someone as svelte and charming as her could wolfing down a plate of wings- but picture her in a Coffee or a Tea bar, and you’ve got yourself a movie. 

God ka is on ECR at the Akkarai junction. The restaurant boasts of international gourmet food, exotic desserts, a star chef team and even a boutique. 

Here’s what Simran had to say about it: 

(Also in the video is Sunaina) ( Think back to Masilamani) 

It’s Sunday and maybe a long drive is on the cards? Why ever not! 

Actor Simran\'s Godka Shop Launch Photos - Cineulagam