Actress Masumeh Makhija Has Never Eaten In Delhi Because Of The Capital’s Traffic

There are no to ways about the fact that Delhi is a storehouse of amazing foods, just as there are no ways about the menace that is the city’s peak hour traffic, which is something actress and entrepreneur Masumeh Makhija has come to dislike. Not only because it keeps her from getting from one place to another faster but also because it has kept her from indulging in the many gastronomical adventures that the Capital has to offer.

“I have heard so much about the food here but sadly, in all my visits here, I have never had a chance to go out and eat,” Makhija, who is also a trained chef, said in an interview for Times Of India.

“The one thing I don’t like about Delhi is the traffic here. I come to Delhi often. Either for film promotions or for my work (she runs a content creation company, Short Circuit Entertainment) but on each visit, I have to go from one meeting to another and then to another. Because of this traffic, what should take five minutes takes 25 and I’m left with no time to explore the city or eat anything”, the actress, who was in Delhi for the promotion of her upcoming film, 3 Storeys, explained.

We feel you, Masumeh, we do. But hey, what good are the many food delivery services if a girl can’t feast on Delhi’s culinary offerings? So, here’s a quick tip from one food-lover to another, order online and you shall be fed.

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