“Achhe Din” Are Here For Mangoes As UP Man Develops ‘Yogi Mango’

Things are looking up for the “king of fruits” as following suit of the Banganapalle mango that recently got the GI tag, an Uttar Pradesh man upped the mango stakes with a new variety of the fruit, the ‘Yogi Mango’, named after UP chief minister Yogi Adityanath.


The Yogi Mango

Developed by UP’s popular mango cultivator, 74-year-old Padamshri Haji Kalimullah, the new fruit said to be a “slender” and “beautiful” mango variety grown in Malihabad area in his orchard in the Dussehri mango belt, which is spread over a sprawling area of five acres. The orchard also boasts of a century-old prized tree, on which he started working in 1987 to develop the craft of growing different varieties on it.

Speaking about the Yogi mango, its grower said that it is grown naturally and is a hybrid of the famous Dussehri mango variety. “However, as the mango is still not ripe, nothing can be said about its taste but I hope it will be good”, Kalimullah said.

"Achhe Din" Are Here For Mangoes As UP Man Develops 'Yogi Mango'Image: Financial Express


Naming Mangoes After Celebs

The mango grower had earlier named mangoes after Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai and cricket icon Sachin Tendulkar. Wondering why Kalimullah names his precious mango varieties after popular celebrities? He says this makes the celebrities immortal.

But its not just celebrities that the mango farmer has made “immortal”, he has also named the mangoes grown on this tree after his family members, who were also mango growers. Asl-ul Muqarrar, the bright red Husn-e Ara, Sharbati Bagrain, Pukhraj, Walajah Pasand, Khas-ul Khas, Makkhan, Shyam Sunder, Prince, and Himsagar varieties of mangoes are among hundreds of his creations."Achhe Din" Are Here For Mangoes As UP Man Develops 'Yogi Mango'