According To Swiggy, Mumbai Paces The Most Healthy Food Orders: Head Here To Read More


We just celebrated World Health Day on April 7th and meal delivery platform, Swiggy thought it would be the perfect opportunity to analyse their data and understand India’s healthy eating habits. Swiggy is a Bangalore based start-up which ties up with restaurants across the city to deliver their fare. 

The Healthiest Cities 

According to the data, Swiggy found that Mumbai followed by Chennai and then Bangalore placed healthy orders most often. 

In Mumbai, the most popular healthy dishes were Sprout salads, assorted fruit salads, carrot beetroot juice and feta chicken salad. Meanwhile, Chennai called for fresh fruit juices like watermelon and pineapple while Bangalore preferred protein based salads, juices and oats. 

Healthy Ordering Pan India 

Swiggy also found that the most popular dishes ordered pan India were watermelon and orange juices, protein based salads as well as fruit salads.

Interestingly, the study found that women were 15% more likely to place orders for healthy dishes. 


 According to Srivats TS, VP Marketing at Swiggy, given this growing trend, a lot of health-focused restaurants have partnered with Swiggy to extend their reach. Many multi-cuisine restaurants have added healthy options to their menus, he added.