According To A Report, India Wastes INR 244 Crore Worth of Food Per Day

India is a large and diverse land, however, according to these statistics, we are also a wasteful one. Although 194 million Indians are going hungry every single day, we still waste Rs. 244 Crores worth of food daily! In fact, our farm output is around 40 million tonnes higher the food needed to feed our population. So why are people still going hungry?

Here Are The Complete Statistics

Wasted wheat produce: 21 million tonne

Worth of food wasted in India per year: Rs 88,800 crore

Food needed to feed India’s population: 225-230 million tonnes per year

Worth of food wasted per day: Rs 244 Crore

Farm output in 2015-16: 270 million tonnes

Indians going hungry daily: 194 million

Percentage of total food wasted a year: 40%

Post-harvest losses: Rs 1 lakh crore

India’s rank in Global Hunger Index 100 among 119 countries




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