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Which Of These Is The Real King Of Fruits? #POLL


Even though most of us have accepted Mango – especially Alphonso – as the “King Of Fruits”, the truth is that that’s false. The actual King of Fruits is the highly sought after and highly pungent smelling Durian. Such is its stinking prowess, that the fruit is actually banned from public transportation, hotels and airline cabins. Overwhelmingly disgusting as the smell is, eating the Southeast Asian fruit is also considered a whole other experience.

Moving on, did you know that there is also a “Queen of Fruits”. And no, it’s still not mango. Another Southeast Asian produce, it’s called Mangosteen, and like a true Queen is a complete opposite of the King. The fruit has a juicy flesh with a slightly acidic but sweet flavor.

All this jibber-jabber and still no sign of honoring the mango. Well, we bestow you with that choice. If it were up to you, which of these would be the King and/or Queen of the Fruit Kingdom? No, tomato and gourd are not part of the given choices. And you know why.

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