About 33 Passengers Fell Ill After Consuming Food In Howrah-Puri Shatabdi Express

According to a report by the Indo-Asian News Service (IANS), around 33 passengers have said to be fallen ill after eating breakfast on the Kolkata-bound Puri-Howrah Shatabdi Express on Wednesday morning. It has also been reported that 14 of these passengers were hospitalised due to nausea and queasiness.

Passengers Blame The Railways’ Breakfast

“Initially, two passengers complained of vomiting and uneasiness when the train reached West Midnapore district’s Belda station. A doctor was immediately rushed to attend the passengers. Later, 15 others complained of similar symptoms,” Sanjoy Ghosh, Chief Public Relations Officer of the South Eastern Railway, told IANS.

 About 33 Passengers Fell Ill After Consuming Food In Howrah-Puri Shatabdi Express

The people who were feeling unwell were reportedly treated at Kharagpur station where the Shatabdi took an hour’s halt. “Another 14 passengers had to be briefly admitted to Kharagpur Railway Hospital for check-up. All of them were released later,” Ghosh added. While the railway believes that it may not be necessary that their catering service was to blame, passengers feel otherwise.

“We started feeling unwell after eating the omelette and bread that was served after the train left Bhubaneswar,” a passenger told IANS. “The food samples of the IRCTC have been sent for testing,” said Ghosh. “We can confirm whether it had anything bad in it after the report comes out. However, it is unlikely because nearly 500 passengers in the train were served the same food while a small proportion of them complained of food poisoning.”

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