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Abeego is The Environmentally Friendly, Reusable Plastic Wrap Substitute You’ve Been Looking For!


Many supermarkets and grocery stores across the world have taken steps to replace plastic bags with environmentally friendly, reusable cloth or jute bags. This represents a growing awareness in the world to be more environmentally conscious and reduce waste.

Why should it be any different when it comes to our own kitchens? Sure, we separate our garbage into recyclable and non-recyclable piles, and some of us even use our organic waste as compost. But, many kitchens still contain stocks of plastic wrap, used to preserve and protect food.


Meet Abeego

Abeego is a product that will help you deal with that problem. Made using organic cotton, infused with beeswax, jojoba oil and tree reisen, Abeego is an alternative wrapping tool for foods. The wraps can be washed in cold water, dried out and re-used for at least a year.


“Abeego challenges assumptions about how to keep real food fresh. It creates a breathable environment to prevent your food from spoiling. Abeego is inspired by nature and we believe natural materials are ideal for keeping food alive,” comments the company on its website.

Meet The Creators


Abeego was the brain child of Toni Desrosiers who (in their words) “feels like her background has totally prepared her to grow a global empire, while simultaneously changing worldwide attitudes and decades of enslavement to plastic cling!” She was joined by her husband, Colin who mans the production line, transports beeswax and carries out other jobs to do with packaging and processing.

Price Points

The Abeego products come in a variety of sixes from Small (‘for all the little foods’) priced at $18  for six to Giant (‘casserole Dishes, Baguettes, No Problem’) at $15 for one. Not a bad deal when you consider how much money you’ll save on not buying Clingfilm rolls!


If you’re excited about the concept of Abeego head over to their website, do some browsing and place an order. Let us know what you think!