A Tale Of Two Cuisines At El Rancho And Pick Pocket In Mumbai

A Tale Of Two Cuisines At El Rancho And Pick Pocket In Mumbai

The concept of quirky cafes is picking up quite a bit in the city and we get to see different ambience, a variety of cuisine and loads of fun elements in them. Adding to that list is El Rancho and Pick Pocket, two brands shacking up in harmony at the Hiranandani Gardens in Powai. While El Rancho specialises in Mexican food, Pick Pocket whips up Lebanese cuisine. When we visited there was laughter, games like jenga going on amongst the patrons and a wafting aroma that gave us a signal to dig in.

Food At El Rancho & Pick Pocket

We were recommended the pita pockets at Pick Pocket and we picked Chicken Bhuna and Vegetable Jalfrezi. Both had a lovely, soft pita bread that had a lovely stuffing. The jalfrezi flavours were kept intact with its fiery flavours and the magic of lightly tossed vegetables in the luscious gravy. Equally drool-worthy was the Chicken Bhuna pocket which left us yearning for more. The smokiness of the masalas in this pocket was evident and it makes for a lovely takeaway too.

For our mains we picked the Grilled Paneer Steak with Rice from El Rancho and every bite had refreshing flavours singing on our taste buds. We have to commend this joint for its flavour game which is on point. The paneer steak was doused in a herbed, pepper gravy with chopped bell pepper and corn. Even the tomato rice served alongside were full of herbs and exuded flavours that matched perfectly with the steak. This dish is splendid and we’re craving it even now.

Coming to the spectacular end to this already amazing meal was the dessert – Turkish Baklava. Crispy, flaky filo pastry doused with honey and generous amount of dry fruits, this baklava is one of the best in the city. With that our meal at El Rancho and Pick Pocket came to an end but the flavours will forever be on our taste buds. There are few places who have the charm to make that happen and this amalgamation of two restaurant sure does. So head to this place soon and tell us your opinion after trying out the food.


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