A Pop Up Dessert Café Experience To Remember: Ahavaa

Ahavaa – the name feels like a sound of satisfaction, an expression of happiness, an exclamation of joy. This café would you leaving you feeling the same way, expressing the same feelings, once you’ve set foot here. Ahavaa, located in Kilpauk, is a quiet little café that rests in a beautiful space, it’s outdoor seating area located beside plenty of greenery and it’s semi-indoor seating area with that home-style comfort you will love. The café shares space with an elegant construction that will house a boutique, florist, and a dance studio to name a few, making this spot a niche lifestyle centre where you can do more than just eat.

Kavya Abraham, of Ahavaa.

We visited Ahavaa for the first time to check out it’s pop up dessert café and we must say, it’s an experience we won’t forget. The concept of pop-up cafes are somewhat a rarity in the city and Ahavaa’s dessert-themed pop up café for the season was definitely one of a kind. Chef Shriram Rajendran of The Table fame, is the man behind the kitchen, creating innovative dessert concoctions for the café. Ideating the entire concept is Kavya Abraham, the owner of Ahavaa, whose motive it was to turn her vast property into a lifestyle space that would have a little bit of everything, and of course, food. The theme is that of a strong vintage household with the furniture and even dining accessories carrying the old fashioned feeling. The café is gearing up to run soon, but in the meanwhile this dessert pop up will stick around until January 10th, and for those of you who simply love dessert and are looking for an out-of-this-world, unique sweet tooth experience, head to Ahavaa right now and prepare to binge.


What we had:

Lemon Green Tea

DSC_0696We started with a serving of lemon green tea with just a touch of sugar for that perfect balance of sweet and calm. We loved how the tea was served in vintage-style tea glasses.


Sticky Toffee Cake


Oh, the joy that toffee brings! We love toffee – all things toffee – but this Sticky Toffee Cake was definitely something we couldn’t get out of our heads. Those layers of cake and blissful flavours of toffee merge perfectly in your palate to give your sweet tooth a satisfaction like no other!


Lemon Curd Cake


We’re big fans of lemon curd based desserts and when we saw this on the menu, we just had to have it! The cake feels like a holiday with a lemony breeze – something you’d like to enjoy on a quiet evening by yourself, maybe over a book.


Chocolate Cake


This is not just any ordinary chocolate cake. This cake is loaded with chocolate – a scrumptious chocolate based cake and delectable chocolate layers that make you go ga-ga!


Ghee Cake


Our personal favourite of the evening, and our first time with this creation, the Ghee Cake was something we savoured through the evening, something we wanted to eat a whole cake of. This rich and moist cake is graced with the goodness of ghee and is known to be a popular dessert in Kerala. This is something you can’t miss – it’s a must have. Be sure to try it and you’ll be so thankful you did.

Also available are some delicious cookies, scones, and hot chocolate!



The pop up dessert cafe at Ahavaa is open from Dec 22nd to Jan 10th, from 3pm onwards on Monday to Friday, and 11am onwards on Saturday and Sunday.